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School Community Council

January 24, 2018 Minutes

October 25th Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2017 Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Safe Walking Route
  • Bussing Clarifications
  • Student Enrollment And Staffing Update

Attending: Principal Doree Strauss, Joni Ostler, Ashley Moon, Amanda Huntsman, Christie Despain, Rachel Gray, Amy King, Thelissa Powell, Bruce Ingleby, Janine Bowler, Blake Thomas, Marcus Beckstead, Melissa Camp, Amy King, Rachel Gray, Paul Bergera.

Introductions: Principal Strauss welcomed the group and general introductions were made. She stated that the purpose of today’s meeting was to discuss and review Bastian Elementary School Safe Walking Route.

Blake Thomas, Herriman City Engineer, passed out maps and reviewed with the group the proposed safe walking route.  The original plan was to have Sunstone students cross at Freedom Park Drive (5600 W). Concerns were expressed by patrons because of the amount of traffic at that intersection. With that in mind, he met with law enforcement and reviewed the traffic patterns to make a possible change to the route and cross Sunstone children at 6000 West.

Paul Bergera spoke of the legitimate concerns expressed by the community. Both routes have definite pros and cons. The purpose of the safe walking route is to find the safest route possible for the students to travel to the school. Quite often this is not the most convenient or even the shortest route but it is the safest.

Law enforcement from Herriman City expressed the concerns they have with regard to moving the crossing up to 6000 West by the High School. The four open driveways at the school will have ongoing traffic at all times of the day. The Friday late start time is also a concern. As of today, Athlos Academy had submitted their safe walking route using 6000 West as their main route from the Sunstone Development. This is also a problem for the city as they will be manning two different crossings. An item that was mentioned was the speed of the traffic coming down from Kennecott on 11800 South. Traffic is at about 50 miles per hour and the first stop is the light at the corner of 6000 West.

City engineer Blake Thomas did mention that they are dropping the speed on that road to 30 mph sometime next year.

There was some general discussion with all parties regard to the best overall safe route for Bastian students. Law enforcement did state that the crossing at Freedom Park would be easier to control because of the stop lights. There would also be two crossing guards on duty because of the width of the road.

There was also some discussion about the route as it continued to the elementary school with regard to traffic at the middle school and the route along Anthem Park Blvd to the school.

It was decided that the safe walking route for Sunstone Development would be to move all students to the corner of 11800 South and Freedom Park Drive and cross at that stop light.  Blake Thomas will work with Paul Bergera and area law enforcement to put together the plan and map to be submitted as the Bastian Elementary School Safe Walking Route.

Bussing Clarification: Principal Strauss reviewed the bus policy for the Sunstone area. Transportation puts together a list of families who qualify per District policy to ride a bus. It is then decided by the council as to have permits are given for the remaining seats.

The options are:

  • Open Lottery
  • First come, First served
  • Distance (furthest from school)

The council felt that the third option seems to be the most equitable.

Student Enrollment And Staffing Update: Principal Strauss also reviewed with the council current staffing. She is watching growth very carefully as she wants to make sure to staff adequately without going over. There have been emails sent, letters dropped off to the apartment complexes, notifications given to the area schools and banners printed to be hung at the construction site, hoping to encourage families to register now. She feels that our current number is just over 400 students is well below what we feel will be the beginning enrollment for the 2017-18 school year. She will keep the council updated with this information as it becomes available.

March 22, 2017 Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Guidelines for School Community Council
  • Land Trust
  • Start End Times
  • Safe Walking Routes

Attending Principal Doree Strauss, Joni Ostler, Ashley Moon, Amanda Huntsman, Kathy Collins, Joli Varoz, Rachel Gray, Amy King, Shaunti Turner, Chris Titus.

Introductions: Principal Strauss welcomed the group and general introductions were made. She expressed her appreciation to them for their willingness to serve.

School Community Council Guidelines: Principal Strauss reviewed the guidelines set by the State for the creation of a School Community Council. They each received a copy of these guidelines.

Land Trust Plan: Doree presented the Council with a copy of the Land Trust Plan as currently written. She went over her vision for the use of the funds allocated through the State Land Trust. She asked for input from the council as to any ideas they may wish to share and add to the plan proposal. It is planned that the funding will be spent entirely or the hiring of Intervention assistance. She reviewed with the council the intervention model and ask for their opinion. All members of the council were familiar with it and felt that it had beer very successful at their schools. She feels confident that she has gathered some exceptional assistants to work in this program, but is still looking for someone to fill the P.F. position. She asked members to be on the lookout for possible candidates. She also said that Bastian will have a halftime music specialist that we will share with Riverton Elementary. He comes highly recommended and Principal Strauss is extremely excited to have him.

The council approved of the plan and will be sent updated copies to review and approve for the final plan presentation due March 31st.

General Discussion: Doree shared her philosophy and stated that she has worked very hard to hire teachers that share in her vision and are dedicated to building a top notch elementary. She has seen every new hire teach, and is bringing only the BEST. She also mentioned that she would like the council members to be thinking about a focus for the school. This will be an agenda item at the next meeting.

School Start Times: Doree presented the tentative school starting and ending times. Because of bussing, these hours are not really a discussion item but rather driven by the transportation department. Bastian will be having at least one bus transporting students from the far north of the Sunstone development. Depending on riders this may increase to two buses. A memo was distributed about space available passes and some general discussion was held. A decision will need to be made by the council prior to the beginning of the school as to how these passes would be made available to our patrons.

Safe Walking Routes: Principal Strauss stated that she is working with Herriman City and District safety officials to finalize the safe walking route. Much of it is prepared by the city as they have information on current and future construction, traffic patterns and potential safety hazards. It follows closely the plan proposed for Copper Mountain Middle School which is directly north of Bastian Elementary. Rachel Gray and Amy King, both residents of Sunstone subdivision, expressed their concerns with routing the students down 11800 South to the light and crossing there.  They felt the safer route was to go west and cross at 6000 West and follow that street directly to Herriman Parkway and go east to the school. Rachel has driven this route and had discussions with several residents and they all feel that even given the traffic at the high school she feels this is a better option.  With the current start times at both Herriman High School and Athlos Academy, their students would be in school at least an hour prior to Bastian students using this route to school. Principal Strauss stated that she would definitely speak to with the engineer at Herriman City and have him make these proposal changes to the plan.

School enrollment: Principal Strauss said that currently, enrollment is sitting at about 550 students. We feel this is well below the number of students that will start on August 23rd. The council members suggested that Flyers be given to the two apartment complexes nearby and Chris Titus offered to drop off flyers at the model homes in the area.