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Bastian Elementary Building

Bastian Elementary

Bastian Elementary is located in the rapidly growing city of Herriman, UT with the beautiful Oquirrh Mountains in the background.  We believe in making a difference every day by teaching students academic content and social/emotional skills that will develop self confidence, worth and a love of learning to foster independence.






Does your Bastian student love the arts? Would you like a project for them to work on during summer break? The PTA Reflections program invites students from all grades and abilities to participate in the arts. Every year thousands of students across the nation create original works of art based on a theme in one or more of the following categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, 2D Visual Arts, and 3D Visual Arts. The theme for the upcoming school year is "Accepting Imperfection." Each entry will be judged and some entries will move on from the school level to the next level. Every participant will be recognized. Entries don't need to be submitted until October, but students are welcome to start working on projects during the summer. Visit for more info and all the official rules. Feel free to reach out to with questions. Happy creating!



Apply Here

Click here to enroll in the Smith's Inspiring Donations Program and designate Bastian Elementary as your recipient. Our school number is: LR720.

Welcome to the 2023-24 School Year!

  • Student Registration Updates in Skyward Family - Please login to your Skyward Family Access and update the following information so you are ready to begin the year.  This process is done every year, it is not New Student Registration. 
    • Update Emergency Contact information and phone numbers
    • Update your contact information - phone numbers and email addresses
    • Please be sure to check your communication preferences to include both email and text messages.  We will communicate weekly updates by email, and use text messaging for quick communication. We hardly had any parents opt in for text messaging and it’s much easier to use than the call system.  
    • Update student health information 

Friday/ Short Day Hours

                          Kindergarten Registration Information 

It is important that we obtain an accurate list of all children qualifying for Kindergarten at Bastian Elementary for the 2024-25 school year. If you have a child that will be five years of age on or before September 1, 2024, the child qualifies for next year’s kindergarten program.  State law requires that all school districts in Utah abide by the same September 1st entrance cut-off date. You will be required, before enrollment in the fall of 2024, to bring the child’s immunization record, a certified birth certificate (not a photocopy) and proof of residency. 

If you know of a neighbor who has a qualifying kindergarten child, please share this information with them.

We currently have two ways to register incoming students. One method is to register online, you will still need to physically bring in the needed documentation or you can come into our office. We will have more information regarding Kindergarten Orientation shortly.   

Volunteer Video - link and information page

All those wishing to volunteer must fill out their Volunteer Application Form and view the Jordan School District Code of Conduct training video before they can volunteer.  This form will be renewed annually.

If you need a printed copy of the Volunteer Application Form, please see our office administration.  Our office administration will contact you if you need to be fingerprinted.  Thank you.

If you need to be fingerprinted:

  • Complete the Volunteer Application Form and turn it into the office.
  • View the "Code of Conduct" Training Video, sign the acknowledgement form, and return to the school for a signature from the principal before visiting HR to complete the background check.
  • Schedule an appointment to complete a fingerprint/background check (at no cost) by visiting the following Website for Jordan School District fingerprinting:
  • Bring your completed Volunteer Application Form, signed by the school administrator, to the Human Resource Department for your scheduled appointment. A new application must be completed annually.

Volunteer Application Form - fillable form

Code of Conduct Volunteer Acknowledgement Form - fillable form

Code of Conduct Video

Electronic Devices at Bastian Elementary

As a reminder, students are allowed to bring electronic devices to school but all cell phones and/or watches (Apple or other brands) must be placed in student backpacks during learning time. When the bell rings to go home the students may pull out their devices for their walk /ride home from school.

Cell Phones and All Other Electronic Devices

  • Possession of a cellular telephone or watch (Apple or other brand) by a student is a privilege that may be forfeited by any student that uses his/her cell phone/ watch inappropriately. A student who possesses a cellular phone/watch shall assume responsibility for its care. At no time shall the District be responsible for preventing theft, loss or damage to cell phones /watches brought onto school property. Cellular telephone/watch use during classroom time, instructional activities and field trips is prohibited. Cellular telephones /watches must remain off during these times. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by school administration on a case by case basis to accommodate family emergencies or medical necessity. Students violating these guidelines will be disciplined in accordance with District Policy AS67 - Discipline of Students (
  • Any use of an electronic device that exploits personal information, disrupts the educational process, invades personal privacy or compromises the integrity for educational programs is strictly prohibited. Students in violation will be disciplined in accordance with District Policy AS67 - Discipline of Students ( Photographs and/or videos are not to be taken of any person using such device.

The Utah State Board of Education may grant an educator one of the following education licenses:

  1. Professional Educator License – a license issued to an individual who has demonstrated all of the State established competencies to be an educator.
  2. Associate Educator License – a license issued to an individual who has met a minimum set of educator requirements and is completing all professional educator requirements to receive a Professional Educator License.
  3. Local Education Agency (LEA)-specific Educator License – a license issued to an individual, approved by the local Board of Education, who has met locally defined competencies to be an educator.

An LEA-specific license area or endorsement may include:

  • Out of State and Internationally licensed educators completing Utah licensing requirements.
  • Educators waiting for university license recommendations.
  • Educators with expired Utah licenses.
  • Educators working towards an Associate license area/endorsement.
  • Career and Technical Education educators completing skills testing.
  • Educators waiting to begin a university licensure program.

Schools may employ individuals holding LEA-specific Educator Licenses, as well as Professional and Associate Educator Licenses, as outlined below based on the employee’s FTE:

Location Type Fully Qualified Educators who are teaching under LEA Specific or are not Qualified Educators in an Associate Program to become Professional Qualified
Bastian Elementary


If you would like to visit with an administrator, please email  or amber.allen@jordandistrict.organd we will reach out to schedule an appointment.