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Faculty & Staff


Photo of Jessica Stowe Jessica Stowe Principal

Administration & Office

Photo of Amber Allen Amber Allen Assistant Principal
Photo of Kara Bedont Kara Bedont School Nurse
Photo of Liz Briscoe Liz Briscoe Office Assistant
Photo of Nannlynn Clarke Nannlynn Clarke Administrative Assistant
Photo of Bobbie Evans Bobbie Evans Instructional Coach
Photo of Heather Gates Heather Gates Office Assistant
Photo of Marla Hatch Marla Hatch Office Assistant
Photo of Chase Stewart Chase Stewart Head Custodian


Photo of Heather Leister Heather Leister Kindergarten
Photo of Thelissa Powell Thelissa Powell Kindergarten
Photo of Denise Rogers Denise Rogers Kindergarten

First Grade

Photo of Abby Huggard Abby Huggard 1st Grade
Photo of Cynthia Prince Cynthia Prince 1st Grade
Photo of Cheyenne Quinney Cheyenne Quinney 1st Grade
Photo of Kellie Sundquist Kellie Sundquist 1st Grade
Photo of Michelle Thorn Michelle Thorn 1st Grade

Second Grade

Photo of Maribel Alvarado Maribel Alvarado 2nd Grade
Photo of Amanda Bruce Amanda Bruce 2nd Grade
Photo of Ame Larsen Ame Larsen 2nd Grade
Photo of Rachel Vander Linden Rachel Vander Linden 2nd Grade
Photo of Heidi Winslow Heidi Winslow 2nd Grade

Third Grade

Photo of Kim Cameron Kim Cameron 3rd Grade
Photo of Jenniffer Green Jenniffer Green 3rd Grade
Photo of Kristine Marriott Kristine Marriott 3rd Grade

Fourth Grade

Photo of Blaine Bjarnson Blaine Bjarnson 4th Grade
Photo of Sarah Davis Sarah Davis 4th Grade
Photo of Rainey Hale Rainey Hale 4th Grade
Photo of Marnie Spackman Marnie Spackman 4th Grade

Fifth Grade

Photo of Joli Latey Joli Latey 5th Grade
Photo of Heather Miller Heather Miller 5th Grade
Photo of Miranda Nilsen Miranda Nilsen 5th Grade
Photo of Genevieve Randall Genevieve Randall 5th Grade
Photo of Kristen Wahlin Kristen Wahlin 5th Grade

Sixth Grade

Photo of Andy Cobb Andy Cobb 6th Grade
Photo of Reid Denison Reid Denison 6th Grade
Photo of Amanda Fanaro Amanda Fanaro 6th Grade
Photo of Aubree Prince Aubree Prince 6th Grade


Photo of Lacey Erichsen Lacey Erichsen Preschool
Photo of Heather Johnson Heather Johnson SLP
Photo of Audrey Olschewski Audrey Olschewski Preschool
Photo of Diana Vidarte Diana Vidarte Preschool

Special Education

Photo of Shersti Andersen Shersti Andersen Special Education Aide
Photo of Jordan Blazovich Jordan Blazovich SLP
Photo of Dr. Randy Buckner Dr. Randy Buckner School Psychologist
Photo of Kyra Davis Kyra Davis Special Education Aide
Photo of Victoria Julian Victoria Julian Special Education Teacher
Photo of Adrienne Lansing Adrienne Lansing Special Education Teacher
Photo of Alisha Martinez LCSW Alisha Martinez, LCSW Counselor
Photo of Bethani Mattson Bethani Mattson Special Education Aide
Photo of Krystal Snelgrove Krystal Snelgrove Special Education Aide

Specialists / Rotations 

Photo of Triscia Callister Triscia Callister Art Specialist
Photo of Teresa Eldredge Teresa Eldredge Gifted and Talented Specialist
Photo of Monah Fisher Monah Fisher BTS Music Specialist
Photo of Bruce Gunn Bruce Gunn Media Specialist
Photo of Rachel Hatch Rachel Hatch STEM Specialist
Photo of Jill Lemon Jill Lemon P.E. Specialist
Photo of Dayna Maples Dayna Maples Computer Science Specialist
Photo of Annie Walker Annie Walker Media Specialist

Support Staff

Photo of Jamie Augason Jamie Augason Support Staff
Photo of Janelle Biggs Janelle Biggs Support Staff
Photo of Mindy Burt Mindy Burt Kindergarten Aide
Photo of Sarrina Cazarez Sarrina Cazarez Walk to Read Aide
Photo of Rachelle Christensen Rachelle Christensen Walk to Read Aide
Photo of Vicki Edgington Vicki Edgington Kindergarten Aide
Photo of Kaylynn Hawks Kaylynn Hawks Walk to Read Aide
Photo of Judy Householder Judy Householder Support Staff
Photo of Jodi Houston Jodi Houston Walk to Read Aide
Photo of Michele McQuivey Michele McQuivey Support Staff
Photo of Dil Nasheen Dil Nasheen Kindergarten Aide
Photo of Shelli Rawson Shelli Rawson Walk to Read Aide
Photo of Makenzie Rostrom Makenzie Rostrom Support Staff


Photo of Brittany Adams Brittany Adams Cafeteria Assistant
Photo of Breanna Kinder Breanna Kinder Cafeteria
Photo of Sheri Robinson Sheri Robinson Cafeteria Aide
Photo of Cindy Smith Cindy Smith Cafeteria Clerk
Photo of Emily Stevens Emily Stevens Cafeteria
Photo of Greta Vasiliauskaite Greta Vasiliauskaite Cafeteria Manager
Photo of Michele Wales Michele Wales Cafeteria