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Standard Response Protocols

Jordan School District and Bastian Elementary are committed to providing a safe environment for students, employees and visitors.  Jordan School District schools have a detailed Incident Command System that uses the Standard Response Protocol for responding to crisis situations. Bastian employs these protocols such as but not limited to incidents involving:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Violence/terrorism
  • Severe weather
  • Earthquake
  • Chemical spills
  • Bomb threat
  • Power outages
  • Reunification

The Jordan School District and Bastian Elementary work closely with local public safety officials to ensure a cohesive response when dealing with a crisis.

Hold:  When a Hold is called it means all students are to remain in their current class or area even if the bell rings.  This is enacted when it is necessary to keep the hallways clear due to an isolated hazard like a large spill or broken pipes causing debris or other obstructions in the school.  It can also be used to keep the hallways clear for medical emergencies so responders are not impeded by crowds.

Secure:  If there is a threat of violence or hazard on or near the campus but OUTSIDE, the school implements a Secure.  In a Secure, all students and staff are brought inside the building and all exterior doors are locked until the threat has been resolved.  Parents and other visitors may not be allowed in the school during a Secure.  This is often called even if the threat is unrelated to the school but there is a potential for it place students and staff in danger, such as police activity nearby or a wild animal on the loose.  During a Secure, the school schedule remains the same and classes inside continue without disruption.

Lockdown:  If there is a threat INSIDE the building, the school implements a lockdown.  In a Lockdown, all students and staff remain behind locked interior doors until law enforcement clears the building.

Shelter:  If there is severe weather or threatening conditions outside the school, a Shelter procedure is implemented.  All students and staff move to safe locations inside the building as needed.

Evacuate:  If it is unsafe for students and staff to remain inside the building, the school is Evacuated.  Students and staff may be relocated to a safe location off school property, if necessary.  An Evacuation is conducted for an emergency such as a fire.

Bastian Elementary practices drills regularly with students and local first responders throughout the school year. For more information about how our school prepares and drills for emergencies, contact our school administration.

How will parents/guardians be notified if an incident occurs at Bastian?

Jordan School District and Bastian Elementary will use a variety of resources to notify parents/guardians, including:

Parents/guardians may be notified directly by Skylert in certain situations, and will be provided information and/or instructions.  It is important for parents/guardians to ensure that emergency contact information is accurate in Skyward.