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Parking Lot Procedures

Pick Up and Drop Off Zone FINAL (2)

  1. Student pick-up and drop-off is in the drive through on the west side of the building. 
  • During pick-up and drop-off, the drive through lane will be right turn only to improve the flow of traffic
  • Drive as far forward (by the Bronco Sign) as you can, before stopping to let your children out
  • Students exit and enter cars in the loading zone, after the crosswalk 
  • Students exit vehicles on the passenger side, onto the sidewalk 
  • The red painted areas on the streets and drive-through before the crosswalk are not student drop-off or pick-up areas.
  • If you park in the Visitor parking lot to drop off or pick up children, walk to the crosswalk to ensure student safety.
    * Daycare buses will use the drive through on the south/east side of the building. No regular student drop-off is available here.  Please don’t use the faculty parking lot on the south side as student drop-off and pick-up.                  * Encourage students walking or riding bikes/scooters to reduce car traffic. Once on school grounds, students need to walk their wheels to the bike rack.

Breakfast is served from 8:35-8:50am. Breakfast students may come in through the office doors. The first bell rings at 8:55 am.  A grade level teacher will open grade level doors  at 8:55am and students will enter the building then. Students will go directly to their classrooms so teachers can begin instruction at 9:00 am.  Grade level doors will close at 9:00, at which time students need to enter the building through the office.